Lyne is a 23 year-old Belgian and Congolese song bird who lives in London. She has decided to share her gift with the world in the form of an EP ‘Bipo Feels’ and this is her debut project. Lyne has teased a number of singles over the past two years and she believes the time is ripe for an actual project. Of this project, Lyne says this:

“Writing this EP really helped me release some thoughts I feel like I couldn’t really open up about. Having doubts, and not being able to see clearly, while feeling different emotions at the same time, all caused by the same person, can be very frustrating. We say that there is a thin line between love and hate and I totally believe that. Intense love can seem so lasting and forever that it’s almost surrealistic when we realize how quickly it can turn into anger. I want this EP to be a message of support to anyone feeling that confusion about what their heart is saying, at times. You are not alone but keep praying and God will show you what you need to see.”

Led by Lyne’s angelic and immersive voice with her honest and relatable songwriting about how relationships can sometimes be, the EP is an exquisite and expansive R&B offering, with lush Afrobeats and soul sprinkled across the project. The entire project was produced by the producer D.E.W.I. This is an introduction into the artistry of Lyne and will definitely make for a great starter whilst we await the main course.

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