Welcome to TWIB’s Weekly Top 5 Videos. This is a segment where we will be looking at some exceptional visuals from various acts from around the globe. The music video format has been around for decades and through the 90s and 2000s, it has really taken flight from multi-million budget music videos, to mid to low-budget videos with exceptional features. In this section, we will not discriminate but rather highlight some of the creative visuals that pop up on our radar.





adriana proenza – “VOLVER”

Spanish singer/songwriter Adriana Proenza helped set the tone for our video list this week. Her new release”VOLVER”, is a reflective and heartfelt record that dwells on letting go and finding strength within as opposed to the external. Over a soothing jazz-infused backdrop made up of warm keys, mellow pads and soft drum grooves, Adriana takes us on an emotional journey of a love that has withered away and the resulting action to pull out before one gets stuck in a never-ending cycle. Armed with her distinct vocal runs, Adriana blends Spanish with English on this heartwarming tune and delivers a soul-stirring performance that we all can relate to. The visual plays out like a romantic flick interpolating the cycle of life of two individuals caught in the crossfire of love and swirling emotions.

Jujujlipps – “Saucy”

Emerging Afro-Kiwi artist Jujujlipps caught our eyes and ears with her new release titled “Saucy” which is the first release from her forthcoming EP Get That Shot which is set to drop towards the end of the year. Backed by the sparse and bass-heavy soundscape provided by Abraham Kunin, Jujulipps gets straight to the point with her sultry demeanour and unapologetic lyrics that accentuate her natural confidence. The track is paired with a music video that puts Jujulipps‘ confidence on full display. It begins with her sitting on a throne and continues with engaging performance shots of the artist being true to herself.


LnO – “Above Your Aim ( pilot episode)”


Emerging rapper LnO shows us the ups and downs of his life in “Above Your Aim ( pilot episode)”. As a pilot episode, it opens up with the tale of a kid who gets in trouble and has to be sent away before further damage is done and we get to see his transformation in little pieces. Inspired by the classic Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air series, the visual capture LnO as he travels from his locale to a new city where he has a chance to do something new.

V Knuckles x REKS x Edo. G – Longevity prod. by Phoniks”.


MA rappers V Knuckles, REKS and Edo. G team up for “Longevity”, an insightful track that dwells on their respective journey and the cost they had to pay to still be around. Bolstered by the sombre and heartwarming soundscape provided by super DJ/Producer Phoniks, the rap legends share with us a tale of perseverance and endurance in an unforgiving world. The visuals are quite engaging and blend performance shots of the trio with old clips of them in their younger years, reminding us of their OG status. The single is off the upcoming album The Next Chapter (Date TBA) entirely produced by Phoniks.


Snook Da Crook – “Skin Of Your Teeth”

Baltimore, MD hard-rhymer Snook Da Crook (one half of highly respected emcee duo, Dirt Platoon) shares the visuals for his song “Skin Of Your Teeth”, a soulful track that explores the daily struggles that we all can relate to. Over the mellow and somewhat nostalgia-inducing backdrop provided by Parisian ally, DJ Low Cut, Snook Da Crook reflects on life and how it can make people complacent as they end up being comfortable with the struggle but he is definitely looking beyond that and with his vision on 20/20, he plans on reaching his dreams by all means necessary. The visuals take us deep into the mix of the action and capture the daily activities in his hood. “Skin Of Your Teeth” will appear on Snook Da Crook’s forthcoming LP, Thieves Code 2 (to be released shortly). The first installment of Thieves Code was released in 2020 and also featured production from DJ Low Cut (as well as Fel Sweetenberg and Mute Won among others). He has also appeared on recent releases from his rhyme brethren, Ill Conscious, Guy Grams and Raf Almighty (Dirt Platoon).


Lulla HF – “Go Against the Grain” (feat. Nehanda)

West Midlands-based, Camden, North West London-born alternative rapper  Lulla HF delivers this insightful and melancholic tune titled “Go Against The Grain”. The record dives deep into the inner pain one feels when they are going through the struggles of life and the pressures keep mounting. He is joined by vocalist Nehanda who delivers a soul-stirring and emotion-heavy hook.


Mouraine – “Big Dawg “(feat. Westside Boogie)

Northern Sudan-born, Canada-raised rapper Mouraine helped close the list with his new single “Big Dawg”. The bravado track is made up of punchy drums and his laidback and nonchalant flow. The track is inspired by his experience as an immigrant who often seems like an outcast but he uses it to boost his confidence to go out and achieve his dreams.  He is joined by Westside Boogie who adds his own 2 cents to the record. The animated visual sure is engaging and captures both rappers in their element.

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