Welcome to TWIB’s Weekly Top 5 Videos. This is a segment where we will be looking at some exceptional visuals from various acts from around the globe. The music video format has been around for decades and through the 90s and 2000s, it has really taken flight from multi-million budget music videos, to mid to low-budget videos with exceptional features. In this section, we will not discriminate but rather highlight some of the creative visuals that pop up on our radar.







BusyBars – “Straight to the Gut”

BusyBars and The Supervisor set it off with “Straight to the Gut,” a gritty lyric-driven track that captures the rappers in their element. They are real students of the game as shown with their vivid and thought-provoking lyricism coupled with their versatile cadences. The video was shot and directed by Mr. Chow who makes use of performance shots of both acts spliced with quick-cut scenes to add that needed urgency to the gritty record.

“Straight to the Gut” is, the new single/video by Mass veteran emcees, BusyBars, and The Supervisor, and it’s taken from the upcoming album NeonJack



Kenny Shane – “Artificial”

Kenny Shane‘s”Artificial” is an honest and reflective tune that touches on a handful of personal topics from friendship, personal struggles, family, and then some over a synth-driven moody backdrop provided by Beats By Danny.  The visual shot by Jack Dessa follows a trio as they blend the blurred worlds of reality and artificial construct. It’s quite engaging and thought-provoking.

“Artificial” is taken from Kenny Shane’s forthcoming album Young Kennedy 2, a follow-up to his previous release, Young Kennedy.



Swav’o x Asap Risky – “Game Time”

Swav’o and Asap Risky link up for the video game-inspired “Game Time.” The track has a blend of dark synths and punchy drum grooves that blend with the rapper’s off-kilter and rousing style. As the title suggests, it dwells on being on one’s A-game at all times. The visual is dark and somewhat cinematic too and makes use of visual FX, quick cut scenes, and then some.



Rock Abruham – “Petworth”


Rock Abruham shares the visuals for his single “Petworth” which dive into his journey as a young artist selling his music in a very precarious situation. Over a somber production, he delivers a fiery and vivid performance that breaks down the circumstances of him nearly getting killed on the same block where he was selling his music.




KEVIN BAILEY – “Water Crsp”

KEVIN BAILEY closes out the list with the visuals of this dreamy and sublime single titled “Water Crsp.” The track is built on a sublime and atmospheric texture and punchy boom-bap drums peppered by BAILEY’s gripping lyricism and smooth flow. The visual is a mix of performance shots and layered cut scenes of the rapper in the snow. “Water Crsp” is the lead single from BAILEY’s forthcoming project.

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