Suff Daddy at Splash Festival (Photography by Robert Winter)

Episode 72 mit Suff & Miles by RadioLoveLove

Ok, so i tried to write the last episode of the underground chronicles quicker than the last one, but i totally failed.

The tour is over now for about two weeks, and i’m happy to chill out at my flat. I started making beats again and work on the new album, which hopefully will be released in autumn this year, thats why i completely lost focus about this shit..

I wrote my last report when we were in plauen. The show wasn’t too good, cause there were not too many people at the club. But anyway, we kicked it and left the next morning to splash festival, where we met the whole gang (olski, twit one, dexter, hulk hodn, retrogott, morlockk dilemma and and and…). The festival was very well organized, luckily dexter had oodles of drink and food tickets, so we had a feast and the drinks were comin fast.

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We had a trailer to chill out and the organisers had several bottles of tanqueray in the fridge, so whenever we ran out of booze, we just had to call a number and a guy came around with more tanqueray and tonic. Good times.

I watched flomega, huss&hodn and morlockk dilemma, the rest of the time we were giving interviews or just hung out at the backstage.

Splash Festival Artist Line Up

We had the very last slot at the festival, right after the cypress hill show, at 2am on sunday night. It was a big ass tent with a big ass stage, 4 turntables, 3 mpcs, a moog voyager and miles on the trumpet. We were 6 people on the stage. In the beginning nobody knew what to do because we never made a plan what to do when we are on , so we had a very trippy soundcheck but then i tried to conduct the whole shit (which didnt work out 100%), but it got regulated. Then we had a few guest mcs doin their thing (retrogott and sylabil spill. big up) while flomega played his moog like a lunatic the whole time and miles running around tryin to give the people a sense of whats happening right now. And all that after some real hard nights in a row with almost no sleep and after a few bottles of tanqueray on a monday morning after a heavy and exhausting weekend. But somehow we did it, the people liked it and miles rocked the end of the show at 5am till everybody gathered around him to perform a group-hug. For me the best moment of splash.

So, the next morning we got up at the hotel, where we caught a few hours of sleep and drove back to cologne. Man, we really drove a lot on this tour. Thanks to wido and robert for handling that.

In cologne we were supposed to record some shit for the red bull music academy, but it was cancelled so we tried to get some rest before we went to hamburg the day after, where we were guests at a cool radio show of dj mad, a german old school dj legend, and played a show the next day. Hamburg was cool, but after 3 ½ half weeks of daily drinking and too little sleep i got sick and had fever, so i tried to recover quick by only drinking tee and lemonade the whole day, which kinda helped, but my cold still lasts to thisday.

Thats why i was really happy when we went back to cologne (again) for our very last show of the tour. I was fucked up and exhausted, but it was still fun. The next time we do a tour, i’ll make sure that we have more time to chill in between and maybe dont play that many shows as we did on this one.

Suff & Bonny

The whole tour was a great experience, cause it was my first one and we had so many good times and met so many good people throughout the country, but i think i would die really early if i would travel like that the whole year.

I’m just too much of a stay-at-home type of guy for all that shit, basically i just wanna hang out at my crib and do beats. But that doesnt pay the bills (yet).

So, i think i forgot a lot of stuff that i could write here, but ever since i got back home i was busy with my daily shit and had to prepare my sets for the next gigs. Then i played at the doom show here in berlin, but nobody gave fuck about my beats cause everybody was just waiting for doom, but that was ok for me. At least the people didnt throw cups and lighters at me, like they did with the guy who played after me, to bridge the time gap til the villian finally showed up.

Now i’m sittin here in my crib, preparing for my show on friday (in hamburg again), and listen to the beats that i did the last days (after 5 weeks of doin no beat at all).

I thank wido and georg for setting up the tour, robert for taking all those dope ass pictures and videos, all the people who booked us for the kind hospitality and all the people who showed up at our gigs, we had a very good time and i hope that i’ll be back on the road with miles next year.

And of course thanks to word is bond for posting all my unstructured thoughts of the last weeks.

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