The Liquor Store is a Montreal based band made up of Émile Farley (bass), Alex Francoeur (saxophone), Rémi Cormier (trumpet) and Félix Le Blanc (keyboards) deliver their new single “Royalty” with gusto. Teaming up with vocalists Milla Thyme, KOF and Wayne Tennant the band creates a blend of jazz, soul laced with funk hip-hop grooves.

“Royalty” is the first single from their debut LP ‘NightDrive’ to be released on May 31st 2019. ‘NightDrive’ is a wonderful blend of Funk, Soul and Hip-Hop sounds from Montreal, France, Guadeloupe, Mexico and New York City.

The album of 14 tracks album features artists such as: Random Recipe, Malika Tirolien, Jonathan Hoard, Jamai, Vox Sambou, AIZA, KOF, Milla Thyme, Wayne Tennant and Scynikal. The album was recorded at Wild Studio in St-Zenon in February 2018. It was engineered and produced by The Liquor Store & Connor Seidel (Matt Holubowski, Charlotte Cardin, SORAN, Elliot Maginot).

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