Canadian emcee/producer Milla Thyme dives into the delicate issue surrounding the exploitation of indigenous lands, politics of immigration, and its extensive effects on minorities around the globe. The politically-charged track is made up of hard-hitting drums, electric guitars that add urgency into the song, and off course Thyme’s vibrant performance. He paints a vivid picture of the horrid experiences minority communities go through to protect their lands and in other cases when they are forced to abandon their homes to seek a better life someplace else only to be remain subjugated. Joining him on the chorus is r&b-soul singer Myrtle Thomas who delivers a soul gripping performance to raise the ante.

The track is produced by Chris Vincent, a member of Busty and the Bass.

The music video is a collage of scenes that display symbols of division and polarization throughout recent history.  It commences with the extraordinary police violence at peaceful protests at Standing Rock, tying it into this year’s Black Lives Matters protests that surged throughout the U.S. in 2020. It also features images of asylum seekers and many more minority groups from around the globe looking for a better tomorrow while risking their lives.


The rock-inspired hip-hop track is the third single off his debut album Everything Has Its Thyme produced by Busty and the Bass member Chris Vincent, to be released in April 2021 on URBNET.


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