UK-based Hip-Hop collective The High Breed is back with their latest release “Forgiveness” and its accompanying visuals. The record is their first release in 2021 and serves as a reminder of the collective’s unique style of hip-hop which strays from the norm with its highly conscious and evocative lyrics and concepts revolving around humanity, spirituality, and other relatable topics. “Forgiveness” is dark and moody with cinematic textures that match The Medicine Man’s impassioned flow and reflective lyrics that dive into forgiveness, denial, and the variables that affect one’s morality in this crazy world.

The visual is quite gripping and makes use of long shots and moody aesthetics that tap into the brooding energy of the song itself.

Driving in their own lane, The High Breed are a much-welcomed addition to the conscious hip-hop scene and are clearly a force to be reckoned with both lyrically and visually. And with much more to come this year from the fast-rising collective, The High Breed will surely be an act to watch out for. “Forgiveness” is available to buy/stream 14th May on all platforms.

The High Breed is alternative hip-hop collective from Bristol, consisting of MCs The Medicine Man and The Seer and producer The Bkeeper.


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