DJ Mehdi – Smoking Karla

Different Teep – Ca Vient De Chez Nous

For this month’s EP, I thought I’d bring back some ill french material to prepare your ears and minds for a compilation currently in the works.

In the mid 90’s, several rappers and rap groups from the suburbs South-East of Paris formed the collective Mafia K’1 Fry (cainfry meaning african in Verlan, the french form of back-slang used beaucoup in rap tracks). The group’s focus was to instill direction, ambition and morality within the African youth in France through hip-hop. K’1 Fry artists (Kery James, Rohff,  Manu Key) and groups (113, Different Teep, Ideal J) have proven to be among the most influential and successful in french hip-hop history to date.

This EP was originally released in ’97 then re-released the following year on CD & Cassette. All but one tracks produced by the prolific DJ Mehdi. Also available is a mix by Cut Killer which includes all of the EP tracks mixed in with American classics HERE.

001. Ideal J -Une Vie De Malheur
002. 133 Clan – Squat
003. Le 113 -Le Quartier Est Agité
004. Different Teep -Ca Vient De Chez Nous
005. Dj Mehdi/Cambridge Circus -Smoking Karla
006. Mafia K’1 Fry -Je Désole Mes Parents RMX

Myspace: Mafia K’1 FryDJ Mehdi

Check back soonish for “Hier C’est Loin”, a ton more hip-hop français à l’ancienne to come.


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