A quality production by the team over at The Cipher. This episodes guest is DJ/producer K-Def who talks about his tutelage under Marly Marl at the House Of Hits, sourcing samples from a car boot VHS dealer, his never-before-heard remix to Slick Rick’s ‘Children’s Story’, the beat that almost went on Illmatic, and the secret to a great song intro. “Fooling the ear” as he puts it. Whilst on the topic, I have to highlight my personal favourite, ‘Some Ol’ Sah-B Shit’ aka some of that music so great I’ll never be able to put words to it. Like those first few seconds of composition where the horns and scratches set up what you think is the track only for that piano key to drop and take the ground from under before the drums return harder than before with some grumbling bass for company. A piano key that turns out to be the last when the full melody turns up moments later and everything falls into its sequence. Ears don’t stand a chance.  No words for that. Even the way K lets that piano key echo out – I’ll stop now.

K-Def’s Tape Two is out now.

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