Hazardous Wastes (H.W)

Hello TheWordIsBond.com readers,

My name is Josh, but some of you might know me by my rap name “H.W.” or “Hazardous Wastes” I have decided to join up with thewordisbond.com and tell you all about my life as a non-famous rapper from Boston.  I just got off tour and I have about 3 weeks worth of real life troubles and struggles to share with aspiring rappers and readers of this site.  My first post about it should go up on Monday.  I have been doing this “rap shit” for quite sometime and I have toured the USA 5 times and Canada twice.  I have met many amazing people and have great stories to go with any moment in your life.  I hope you read on and can relate to what I am saying, rap has never paid my bills.  But I overpaid the meter and damn it I am using my time. pce4now…


The Underground Chronicles:

“Every month we are bringing a new artist on board as a guest writer, and for the duration of that month he/she will be sharing their personal experiences with you and tell you about the ups and downs in the life of an underground artist, first hand, like a window in to the life of an artist or a personal diary.”

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