Jesus will it ever stop raining? Here is a couple of J Jazz mixes. One focusing on Masabumi Kikuchi the other classics / hard to find tunes.

First up Masabumi Kikuchi.

Incredibly talented Japanese jazz pianist and composer Masabumi Kikuchi who released many a sought after album. He’s worked with a veritable who’s who with regard to jazz musicians such as Sadao Watanabe, Terumasa Hino, Kosuke Mine, Hozan Yamamoto within his native Japan as well as such US luminaries as Sonny Rollins, Woody Herman, Mal Waldron, Joe Henderson, McCoy Tyner, Elvin Jones, Miles Davis, Billy Harper, and Hannibal Peterson… You get the point.

This mix is from way back in 2007 and is a back-to-back collection of mellow spiritual Jazz rounding off with some class hard to pull Rhodes based fusion from the amazing 1970 Re-Confirmation LP.


 Download the mix at 320k


Next. This second one is a bonus. Five long form Spiritual Japanese Jazz tracks from Terumassa Hino from the very hard to find (even in Japan) 1982 LP Live in Neumuro Vol. 2, Toshiyuki Miyama / New Herd who mainly recorded on the legendary Three Blind Mice Label, Japanese drum god Ryojiro Furusawa Quartet+1 Featuring Shigeharu Muka, Bassist Yoshio Ikedae and another class drummer Takeo Moriyama.

Download the mix @320

Enjoy. Next up on Friday is a Spiritual Jazz Special featuring the Talents of Horace Tapscott and the Nimbus West Label.

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  • bacoso


  • swboy

    Excellent! Thank you.
    What are the tracks on the Masabumi mix?

  • Hey Swboy good to see you. the tracks are all listed here:

    hope all is good with you?

  • Thanks a mill Bacoso

  • swboy

    Hi Blaq Robot (love the name)
    Life is good. I’m back out playing gigs and
    dabbling in PC recording after a long down-time.
    Very inspiring Jazz here. I remember going to see
    Stan Strickland’s and Stanton Davis’s bands
    in the early 1970s playing around Boston. Especially
    Strickland & group marching through the Cambridge Common
    [with little kids following] playing beautiful spiritual
    jazz with an African flavor.
    I’m not really familiar with Mixcloud, but can see
    a listing “Featuring tracks by Re-Confirmation…” ie. the LPs
    etc. but not the track names. thanks- swboy

  • barabara sounds

    blackclassical another couple of brilliant mixes. thanks as always!

  • Always a pleasure Sensi Nombei. Thanks for visiting ;)

  • WOW that sounds amazing! You should write some stories for here and get some tunes out would love to hear em?

    Gotcha sometimes i can be a bit to cryptic. The tracks are:
    1. No Trace From the LP Hairpin Circus (A Short Story for Image)
    2. Sawanose From Silver World with Hozan Yamamoto
    3. Drizzling Rain From End For The Beginning
    4. East Wind from Self Titled LP
    5. Tenacious Prayer Forever From Re-Confirmation
    6. Circus From Hairpin Circus

    Take care bro!

  • anonim

    how do you get this to play :(

  • Peace brother, you should be able to see a play button on the top right. As the image attached.


  • Update. Just over 8000 people have downloaded this mix… thanks for the thanks.

  • Brilliant Kikuchi mix; thank you friend. And thanks to Bacoso for pointing the way.

  • Evaristo

    anyway to get the file public on mediafire again??