The C&K Street Series features Commoners and Kings performing impromptu spoken word poems on the streets of Southern California. This week we feature another Guest poet, DONNY JACKSON, a former professor and psychotherapist who holds a doctorate in clinical psychology, and works currently as a co-executive producer and director in unscripted television and film. In the written arts, Donny has enjoyed stints as an autobiography ghostwriter, playwright, screenwriter, script doctor, and book critic, as well as speech writer for a diverse set of clients, from Blair Underwood to the White House. An award-winning poet (but only because of the $2 prize he won in a city-wide poetry contest at age eight), Donny has featured as a spoken word artist throughout Southern California and the northeastern United States, and is currently a featured performer on TSHAKA CAMPBELL’s just-released spoken word album, SKIN. His first and only book of poetry, Karmasong, is out of print and lost in several attics all over America.

I felt it necessary to include his entire short bio in the description because it brings more context to his style and art. His low tone voice causes you to listen and form your own interpretation like a gift given to you, allowing one to do with this gift what one pleases.

He shares SYZYGY, a term which means…well I can’t give you everything. Listen and form your own opinion.

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