Tay Rob is back with a brand new joint for the year as he brings back the essence of rapping. Aptly titled “Something Special,” the Memphis, Tennessee based act goes for the jugular and beats the breaks off the smooth instrumental laid before him by AWWCBEATS. The track is devoid of gimmicky hooks and all and clearly shows how technical Tay Rob can get when he is in laser-focused mode.

DeVonte James Robinson, also known by the stage name of Tay Rob, is a hip-hop artist that was born in Ft. Irwin, California, but shortly after moved to Ft. Knox, Kentucky and then to Memphis, Tennessee where he has currently resided for 15 plus years. He started writing music during his senior year in high school, but did not start recording music until the fall of 2016 as a sophomore in college at the University of Memphis. Over the next few months, Tay would develop his craft and sound, and finally released his first song titled “Let Me Speak To Em” during the summer of 2017. That year also seen Tay release a song titled “Praying For You,” which was dedicated to the flood victims in Houston from the devastating hurricanes. As the summer of 2018 rolled around, Tay decided to put his music on hold, as he found out that he was eligible for graduation from the University of Memphis during the summer semester. After his college graduation in August of 2018, Tay resumed his music career. Now at age 23, he has developed a much more confident and polished sound. A rare, non vulgar and clean style of rap, along with witty wordplay and lyricism helps Tay set himself apart from other artists. Tay is diverse enough to create lyrical and high energy tracks such as “Watch Me Work” and “Square One,” and is also able to create soulful and meaningful pieces such as “The Destination” and “Balance.”


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