Beatnick Dee debuts his first producer project ‘Creative Medicine’ displaying his production talent as well as flexing his muscle for artist selection and song arrangement.

Los Angeles based producer Beatnick Dee has turned in a well polished and multifaceted project. A once over at the artists assembled makes it look good on paper but this is not a paper champ project, it wins where it counts. Heads understand that assembling a list of known names is not any guarantee at all as far as ensuring good music as it can often sound contrived in the end. Beatnick Dee has meshed artists perfectly with production, it just fits and it is a testament to not only his skills as a soundscaper but also to his ear and vision for how he wants a record to be produced. That is really the difference between a producer and a beat maker, Beatnick Dee is in every sense a producer on Creative Medicine. You’ll hear everything on Creative Medicine from reflection to gutter to soulful R&B vocalists, he really runs the gambit here showing his versatility. Co$$, Denitia and Sene, Thes One of People Under The Stairs and others round out the featured artists you’ll hear. Cop Creative Medicine on iTunes and cop a limited CD on Dee’s bandcamp too.

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