Maryland native Jayy TuWize grew up on a myriad of sounds in the hip-hop genre coupled with his diverse Guyana and Haitian background. He developed his voice as a rapper using his influences and life experiences in the Gaithersburg, Maryland area to create heartfelt and insightful music that audiences can relate to. His latest release, Four Piece Fried Rice is a 4 track project that showcases his distinct style to newer and stalwart fans.

The project starts with a playful horn arrangement on “Cheat Code” before the dark trap sound comes into play. right away, Jayy TuWize lunges into a no-holds-barred stance with a plethora of braggadocio bars fuelled with an irreverent demeanour. He throws shots at the detractors, flexes on the opposition and gives us a glimpse of his city-boy lifestyle all in one sentence. The track lacks a prominent hook on the chorus and the verses are split by short breaks. This is followed by the single “Don’t Be A Menace” which featured Houston rapper Peso Peso (The Sauce Factory Artist). The track employs a cinematic sample (real rap heads would recognize it) with downtempo but punchy trap drums to create an ominous backdrop for both emcees to paint vivid street tales. The track is peppered with lines like “Number one rule, better play this shit cool/Gotta check your emotions before you react/Talk about guns, I got 4 in the back/Think she a numb got your hoe in my lap/Think she the one but your queen on her knees/Need no piano, just bring me the keys” that continues Jayy’s unapologetic style of expression. Peso Peso comes through in the second verse and cuts through the noise with his distinct drawl and off-kilter street street-savvy bars.


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The mood of the project changes with “Karmen”, a track introduced by the roaring 20s piano riff before building into a bouncy trap piece. The title is a reference to the concept of a vengeful spirit and a woman who is for the streets and does whatever it takes to attain their goals. Here, Jayy ties it up with a cautionary theme on the hook reminding listeners to watch who they think is close to them because karma is real. The project closes out with “Midwinter Night’s Dream” featuring Mr. Magic and Nikko Miles who bring their A game over the brooding soundscape made up of solemn piano riffs and sparse bouncy trap drum grooves. Jayy set the tone with his smooth melodic flow and expressive cadence filled with rhyme schemes and graphic imagery of his life. Each emcee gets some time to shine and deliver some engaging and stylish performance riddled with aspirational and go-getter themes.

To be honest Four Piece Fried Rice is a bit too short and while it doesn’t reach deep enough to give a broader view of who Jayy TuWize is, it suffices in the area of raw and unfiltered street-savvy lyricism and use of engaging melodies.



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