The latest offering from German producer/Dj Superior is an anthemic rap tune that features one of west coasts finest, the one and only Planet Asia. Aptly naming the track Rap Champion, you’d expect and well you got only stellar lyricism from P.A and a soulful horn driven banger from Superior.

Nothing but net with this tune. Hit the play button and get with the program straight up!!


Marcos Oviedo aka Superior has been in love with hip-hop since age eleven. Having run through every aspect of the culture from breakdancing, rapping, and graffiti art, this producer made quite a name for himself in his hometown of Heilbronn Germany. It was around this time he discovered his musical roots as he listened intensively to funk and soul music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

Inspired by the sounds of N.W.A, Public Enemy, DJ Premier, Wu-Tang Clan and many others, he decided to learn the art of deejaying, which eventually led him to playing several gigs around Europe. His skills also earned him second place in Stanton’s Championships back in the early 90s.

Having established a solid following as a DJ, Superior began focusing on producing. Over the years he’s collaborated with numerous artists including

Grande Beats, DJ Friction of German rap crew Freundeskreis, Nate da Great, and N.E.N.A.D along with Heikouality whom he later formed a group with known as “Hip Hop Ataris.”

After many years of working on various projects, Superior released his first solo album, Scenes on Dezi-Belle Records. Focused on building a legacy, he aims at becoming one of the most recognized producers in the hip-hop community worldwide.

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