We just got some great news for all the beat addicts out there. If you haven’t heard, Suff Daddy and Ta-ku have been working together on a split EP. The two met last summer when Suff moved from Berlin to Sydney and hooked up with the Perth native Ta-ku. The “Bricks and Mortar” project unites two producers with different soundscapes on a collective quest to find the perfect beat.

April 5th is the date our friends at Melting Pot Music will be releasing the “Bricks and Mortar” EP. Today, we get our first sneak peak at the album witha track from each artist. “Sway” from Ta-ku, which features a various array of samples and “Suffdigi” from Suff Daddy which takes “Summer Breeze” to a new level.

The highs and lows bricks and mortar concept was established under the idea of two separate entities uniting to create something fresh and unique: be it through two different brands, two different shoes or two contrasting color schemes

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