Substation Records proudly present their latest signee , an emcee called Option. His debut project titled The Detour is an 11 track body of work which shows Option in different situations and offering different sides to his coin. The project features Vision, Courtney Danger, Kichi Lee et al.

Hit the play button and get with the program.

“Welcome To The Detour. This is the back blocks and alley’s that we all have to travel through to reach home. Theirs a good side and a bad side, the wrong and right way, and the difference between telling the truth or telling lies… This is the side of the story that no one wants to talk about. The other side of them train tracks. As I take you along this ride, I want you to embrace this emotional and troubling rollercoaster. And hopefully I can shed light on the darkness, and try to make a negative outlook, a positive one. It’s beauty in this struggle, and ugliness in this success. This is just the detour before we reach are homecoming. But in order to finish this story we must first finish these unread chapters. On this road to homecoming I’m telling more of just a story of my own, we are all apart of this journey. We’re just on an different train, but on the same train tracks nonetheless. Let’s make it through this detour, and finally reach are homecoming together…..” – Option

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