The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Tracy Lamont – “Nice Freestyle”

Virginia’s Tracy Lamont makes his entry on our site with his new release titled “Nice Freestyle.” He makes use of a smooth bass-driven backdrop to showcase his lyrical style and fiery flow. It’s a pure display of bravado.

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YNIQ – “Rich Forever – Remix”


YNIQ is in a celebratory mode in his new song “Rich Forever – Remix,” a brass-heavy track that is ripe with motivation and bravado raps and a smooth melodic chorus to boot. He is also set to release his EP, The Little Things, in January 2022.

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Chuckfm – “Lost”


Chuckfm‘s “Lost” is a deep and reflective tune that dives through his own personal issues from self-doubt, hopelessness, and the need to move on. The production is moody and reflective and fits the lyrical content.

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Apss’wan – “Da Phonk”

Apss’wan shares this gripping track titled “Da Phonk” on our list. Armed with a gruff vocal tone and vivid lyrical styling, he makes use of a dark backdrop and delivers a double-time flow reminiscent of three 6 mafia, $uicideboy$, Denzel Curry.

Lamontae Foyay x Love Resa – “Feelings”


Lamontae Foyay and Love Resa team up for “Feelings” a smooth moody track that dives into the concept of procrastination and how it affects one’s destiny and outcomes. Lamontae Foyay takes listeners down the road of how he stays motivated in this crazy world. He is also joined by singer Love Resa who helps out with her soothing melodic runs.


Prentice – “When The Games Gon’ Stop?”

Delaware native Prentice makes his entry in our list with this insightful and thoughtful record titled “When The Games Gon’ Stop?.” Over a punchy and smooth texture, he reflects on a myriad of real-time issues from societal ills, lack of ambition, and self-growth.

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Nyiam – “Dollar & A Dream”


Canadian emcee Nyiam‘s new single “Dollar & A Dream” is a motivational and reflective tune that details the ups and downs of chasing one’s dreams. He looks at the several ways in which one can get distracted by the pressures of a 9 to 5 and lack of support from peers and close friends. In the end, he implores us all to just buckle up and dig deep to follow through on our goals.

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Shuba – “Love Runs Out”


Shuba’s “Love Runs Out” is a detailed insight into the aftermath of a crumbling relationship or the realization that the initial spark is gone. The track also reflects on self-worth and how people expect to be treated versus how they sometimes actually get treated in their romantic pursuits. Over a cinematic and punchy backdrop, Shuba delivers a heartfelt and impassioned performance with evocative lyrics coupled with a soothing melodic hook to boot.


Syd Camille – “So Pretty”


Rising singer/songwriter Syd Camille is in her element as she celebrates herself in the uplifting track “So Pretty.” The track sees her being confident in her own skin and being free from the judgment of others. Her melodic performance is quite alluring and works perfectly with the lush and bouncy backdrop laid before her.


bRAVENOUS feat. Ghettosocks- “Wheel of Fortune”


bRAVENOUS and Ghettosocks connect for a laidback lyric-driven collaboration titled “Wheel of Fortune.” Over solemn textures, punchy boom-bap drums, the duo delivers a plethora of rhyme schemes and wordplay while reflecting on life. The track chorus is built on Scratch-filled hooks sampled from legendary emcees like Rakim, 2pac, etc.

CENTE – “Pa’l Kikeo” ft Dj Joe

CENTE team with Dj Joe for this lively jazz-hop collaboration “Pa’l Kikeo.” A perfect pairing of styles from live instrumentation, smooth lyricism, and turntablism.

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Casual x DEAD PERRY – “Never Say It To Us” ft Izrell


Casual and DEAD PERRY is back with a new single “Never Say It To Us” featuring Izrell. The cinematic and gritty track is riddled with solid verbal blows from Casual who is in his element. “Never Say It To Us” is taken from the forthcoming digital and limited CD release from Below System Records (with vinyl version courtesy of Tuff Kong Records) entitled The Art Of Reanimation (1/28/22). the project is an eighteen-track deep affair that both remixes tracks from his Casual’s Big Head Science LP from 2020 and includes four new tracks.

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Thrust OG x Bo Faat – “Not Your Average Rapper”


Thrust OG teams up with german producer Bofaatbeatz for “Not Your Average Rapper” a record that explores the concept of excellence, Thrust OG kicks it off with his commanding vocal tone and deep lyrics that shows he is not an average rapper by any means. Bo faat on the other hand gifts him with a smooth, groovy backdrop reminiscent of the 90s and peppered with some excellent vocal samples on the chorus section.

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Chima Anya – “Soon 2 (shine a light)”


Chima Anya uplifts our spirits with the heartfelt track titled “Soon 2 (shine a light).” The track is bolstered by Chima’s uplifting lyrics and a smooth guitar riff that blends seamlessly. He implores us to focus on the bright side as the world slowly moves towards the exit strategy for the pandemic. “Soon 2 (shine a light)” is the new version of the original song which came out at the start of the pandemic.


D Power Diesle x Jammer, Lil Narst & Pit – “Spitters”


“Spitters” is a solid posse cut from UK veteran grime rapper D Power Diesle who teams up with Jammer, Lil Narst, and Pit. Backed by a classic Grime backdrop, the quartet gives a solid performance with fiery flows and vivid lyrics peppered by their unique styles. “Spitters” is a taste of his upcoming project ‘Graphene 2.’

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Producer IM’PERETIV links with STARZ COLEMAN and G4 JAG for a gritty street rap-laden track titled “On the Boards.” The duo delivers edgy and face-slapping bars that we all can rock with.


AKA Block x Kate Stewart – “Bedtime Poetry”


Dutch super-producer AKA Block teams up with rising vocalist Kate Stewart for this love-soaked soulful joint titled “Bedtime Poetry.” The heartfelt track sees Kate reminiscing on a past flame who did her dirty but the love within still lingers on as she moves on with her new man. Fortunately, the new guy has impact, romance, and everything the ex lacked so it’s back between the sheets for another poetry recital.


Vision x NateGawd – “Rags 2 Riches”


Vision and NateGawd team up for the remix of his celebratory track titled “Rags 2 Riches.” Over a guitar-laden bass-heavy backdrop, the duo reminds us of their journey from the bottom to the top and flex on the naysayers and haters.

B dot Fresh – “Open Letter”


B dot Fresh‘s “Open Letter” is a heartfelt and personal tale of inner struggles and self-doubt after going through a tumultuous heartbreak. He uses music as his therapy and pours his all on wax in order to exorcise his demons.

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B Leafs – “Take Em To School” feat 38 Spesh & Termanology


Producer B Leafs teams up with lyricists 38 Spesh and Termanology for this reflective jam titled “Take Em To School.” The track is a display of bravado with knowledge from both emcees who show us how they get down and the hurdles they have to face on an individual level.

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Regina Divot – “Keep it real wit me”


Regina Divot delivers a heartfelt and thoughtful track titled “Keep it real with me” over a somber and dreamy backdrop, she shares her thoughts on friendship and loyalty and how fake friends can eventually destroy one’s empire, and ultimately she wants everyone to keep it a 100 with her at all times.


Mitch Felito – “No More Drama”


Emerging rapper Mitch Felito gets introspective in his new self-produced single “No More Drama” where he makes use of a somber piano riff with no drums. He runs through a handful of situations that changed his life and brings listeners close to the action with evocative lyrics and impassioned performance.

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G3MiNi – “The Reaper”


G3MiNi closes out the list with this straight lyrical display in his new single “The Reaper.” Over a dark and punchy backdrop, the rapper pours his al with a plethora of rhyme schemes, wordplay, and engaging references. He even interpolates a classic Prodigy line for good measure.

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