Minnesota’s Student 1 latest effort is an insightful look at life from polar opposites. The self produced record aptly titled “Yin/Yang” explores and navigates navigate life’s contradictions as they intersect and offset.  Over a lo-fi, ethereal soundscape, Student 1 details interesting life parallels when he raps  “...The right/the wrong, The right/the left,  The live/the die/ The lie/the truth, The black/the white…The on the graph/the DNE/ The intrigued, the unconcerned/ The bobby/Whitney, Building blocks/TNT...”. He is also joined by Philadelphia native  Tierra Whack who delivers an equally engaging verse from her own unique perspective reflecting on vivid memories of overcoming poverty to become the fierce emcee she is today. “...The hot, the cold, The weak, the bold /The new, the old, Am I supposed to be the one to end it?…I sleep alone, I weep alone/ I need a loan, I see the clones I leave alone


In a nutshell “Ying/Yang” is a lyrical exhibition with an undercurrent of watching one’s growth.

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