‘Real Cats’ is the latest EP from the duo of ST & Liam. This EP is actually a blend of two original songs – ‘Real Cats‘ & ‘Fairmount Bagels‘ – and four remixes by different Montreal producers such as Dr Mad, Da P etc. Short and engaging backdrops provided by the various producers makes this project stand out, not to talk of the feline theme used on the title track and the soulful-cinematic vibe on the B-side Fairmount Bagels. Words won’t do this project enough justice so hit the play button and thank me later.

“Real Cats was made in the mould of an old-school vinyl single release. On side A, we have Real Cats featuring Louie P, one half of The Celestics along with four remixes crafted by some of Montreal’s dopest beatbuilders: Dr. MaD, Da-P, Fruits & Heathcliff Starks. It is a take on each rapper’s internal real cat, inspired by the cats they have owned in their lives. On side B, we have Fairmount Bagels, a walk in the Mile End neighbourhood through the eyes of a real cat”

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