Uprising producer/instrumentalist Srge_ delivers his new instrumental album Landfill_Vol. 1, a 16-track body of work that fuses a wide range of music styles together. From hip-hop, chill-hop, industrial and dark sound design


The project starts off with “Old Cabinet Tape” which has staggered drum grooves with weird moody textures with woozy aesthetics and a short one-shot vocal sample. Its simplicity is unexplainably engaging and the overall moody feel makes it so. “Little Pieces Of Glass” has a dreamy and ethereal synth pad layered over a punchy drum break. The sparse arrangement makes it ominous and the cinematic vibe is pronounced. “Hymns From Digital Boards” employs an eerie church organ with moody sound textures that remind one of the old Castlevania video games. The drum arrangement is punchy and uses a 4-to-the-floor kick structure offset by one snare drum. it’s weird but it works perfectly. “Junker” in my opinion continues the medieval vibe from the previous track but the use of pianos, dark strings and mellow tempo makes it different.


“Antelope Brain” sounds like a mix of lofi/chill-hop with future R&B elements. The drums are particularly punchy and crisp while the bright synths play seamlessly over them. He repurposes those synths in several ways that range from offbeat to more conforming ways. “Television Is Relic” has an overall cinematic element with a lot of dark and moody aesthetics. The melancholic keys, vocal samples and nonconforming arrangement make it different from the usual. “Analog Clock” banks on soft piano riffs, and industrial aesthetics with dark layers and textures. I feel it’s the perfect backdrop for a fantasy Role-playing video game. “Discarded Toy Robots” sounds just like the title. The use of layered sound design creates a weird and playful ambience of trepidation and caution while the bright synth pluck has a playful element. “CPR Manikins” is another track that goes left field. The drums are unpredictable and off-center and the use of dark chords adds an eerie and melancholic feeling throughout

“Ritual Of Files” feels like a scene from a horror flick with its ominous strings and hushed percussions. The track also has an underlying synth lead that weaves in and out of the beat. “Kettle Left On Too Long” is a weird name for a beat but I love it. Here, the off-kilter horn-like sound is akin to the boiling kettle whistling. The drums have a nonconforming pattern as well and the use of tension and resolution adds an extra depth to it. The final track “Trash Fairy” is hard to categorize. It has elements of pop, experimental sounds and chill-hop. From the sublime vocal samples, solemn pads and recurring chords, the track feels like a mantra on the ears. Other engaging tracks include the medieval-sounding “Chemicals” and the psychedelic “Battery Death”.

Overall, Landfill_Vol.1, is as experimental as it can be and refuses to play ball with the rest of us normies. The production is dynamic, and unpredictable and breaks the mould into pieces.



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