Uprising rapper/songwriter Javyn Knight makes his first appearance on our site with three videos for “Sinatra Flow”, “Correspondence” and “Vibration”. The songs are quite engaging and showcase his versatility as an artist who uses real-life experiences as the foundation for his art.


The first track “Sinatra Flow”, is a heartfelt and reflective piece that sees Knight reflecting on his past experiences with women and the tumultuous relationships that ended with him cutting people loose. Backed by a solemn piano and warm pads, Knight takes us deep into his life, acknowledges his faults in the situation, and addresses his inner demons. Armed with a melodic flow and vivid lyricism, Knight pours his heart on wax and gives us a master class on how to move on from toxic love. The visual is shot performance style and captures Knight doing what he knows best with the microphone and his unique laidback charisma.


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The next track “Correspondence” is an insightful piece that centers on the concept of us being made in God’s image and the many tribulations we might face in this unpredictable world. Over the soulful and bouncy soundscape, Knight once again delivers a commanding performance ripe with conscious lyrics like ” Void meditation in a dark room/come and take a walk with a spirit guide/you gon’ have to leave everything you think you know at the door except the fear of God“. Here, he welcomes us into his man-made cypher where we have to check our egos at the door and open up our minds to expand our horizons. The visuals continue in a similar vein to the previous video and employ different performance shots of the rapper.


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The final track we have is “Vibration”  which uses a familiar guitar-driven sample that real heads would recognize. Here, Knight talks about the never-ending struggles and hurdles that come our way and reminds us that the only way is to stay the course and push through with perseverance. He peppers the track with aspirational and insightful lines like “Say they gave ya false idols, you can believe in huh? It’s greivin’ huh/Only way to break the spell is to raise the frequency huh?/They having secrets huh, but we know the hidden histories and mysteries/Self-knowledge created a different me“. Overall, it’s the perfect motivational tune that aims to raise our consciousness and remind us not to ever give up. The visual is straightforward and it’s a well-crafted clip with single angle performance shots.


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