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Since watching the French movie “Yamakasi”  in 2001, I’ve been hooked, there’s something about it, that reminds me a whole lot to the beginnings of the graffiti movement , back when spraying a wall was something fresh, new and challenging to pull off due to time constraints and logistics.

It was all about finding the best spots and organizing way ahead of time, so everyone knows what to do, and when…the same rules apply to freerunning. Everything about feels genuine and its urban feel make it so very Hip Hop, in my view.

Enter Ryan Doyle, a world champion tricker, winning the Red Bull Art of Motion competition in 2007. His Youtube videos  have gained him a lot of recognition, with Crazy Park Day exceeding 250,000 views. His new series in partnership with Red Bull seem him on a mission to freerun the best spots around the world, the video showcased below  is a documentary of his experience in India. This is part 4, previous episodes cover Brazil, Peru & Italy. Beautiful sites and moves by Ryan, and great initiative by both Ryan and Red Bull.

Ryan is an official Red Bull athlete and is pioneering the way forward for upcoming athletes, bringing his own experiences with the philosophical benefits of living and training without fear. We need more people like Ryan that bring inspiration and originality to the masses…..Sponsored article

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