Besides Los Angeles, the 2013 Red Bull Thre3style Qualifier will be taking place in a few other cities from now until February 1st. After the Qualifier competitions are over, the Regional competitions will be taking place in the month of February. I didn’t realize that this has been taking place since the beginning of this month, but better late than never, right?

If you have been reading, we have been covering this particular competition for the past few years. But this goes without saying. Most of the events (depending on the location) are FREE;  just make sure that you guys get your RSVP in as soon as possible so you get priority in getting in the venues!

Make sure you stay tuned here as we will keep you updated with the Red Bull Thre3style events going down. We will keep you posted when the Regional competitions take place! In the meantime, please look down below where the events will be taking place in your town!






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