Since it’s birth in the late 70s, a lot of people have had less faith in the rising of the bboy scene. Some people even went to the point to consider it a ‘fad’, a temporary thing that will fade out, or even worse… dead. The bboy scene has surpassed alot of the hate for so many years and its alive and well. If you look even further, there are many commercial companies that sponsor the scene and have huge tournaments. You’ve seen America’s Best Dance Crew, there’s plenty of bboy movies and documentaries, and also, there’s people who are just simply getting down in your local neighborhood, whether its at the park, in the garage with some cardboard on the pavement, or anywhere where these acrobatic performers can get their fix.

Red Bull has been a huge supporter of the hiphop scene. We’ve seen the company take on beatmaking (w/Big Tune), DJ Competitions (w/Thre3Style), the emcee battles (w/Emsee), and now here they are taking on bboying (w/BC One).

‘BC One’ stands for ‘Breakdancing Championsips’ and the ‘One’ stands for ‘One (champion)’, which means there are many individuals who are competing, but these are one-on-one battles with only ONE remaining champion. Although BC One been around for eight years, they’ve kept the competition strong and setting new heights for the artistic style of dancing and allowing more and more countries to compete in this epic battle. This year, forty-five countries have competed and there were sixty cyphers. There will be six qualifiers who will compete in this year’s World Finals in Rio de Janeiro in November.

Check out this year’s cypher in Tokyo, Japan where ToMo took the title to go compete in the Asia Qualifier in New Zealand.

Red Bull BC One: website | facebook | twitter #RedBullBCOne #BCOne

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