Port Harcout or PH city as it is commonly called is home to hip hop in the West African country of Nigeria. As far as PH city is concerned, it is a volatile hip hop environment and anyone who so declares himself as an emcee must be worth the salt else he will be silenced by hungry cats looking for whom to devour. It is in this harsh hip hop environment that SoulJazz rose from and that’s why they deserve all the credit they get seeing as the boys have put in all the work to score the kind of sounds they have put together. MHP, Aqbar, Rapsom, RhymeMastaRichy, G.A.B., Swarthy Soul and Firstborn Soulomon are the collective that make up SoulJazz. The Renaissance Theory was released in the year 2011 but still sounds better than a lot of LPs out there. It is a blend of soul and jazz which not surprisingly is the bedrock of hip hop itself. Maybe these guys are trying to teach history with this. I’m not sure if they all produce but they have managed to find the right samples for each track. I can only imagine the chaos in the process of selection. This collective of emcees have honoured us by allowing us to share their album on the word is bond and we hope you enjoy it as much as we vibed to it. I personally want to hear your take on this. Ciao!

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