In the not too far away post, I brought you a collective of emcess from Nigeria going under the umbrella of SoulJazz; now I’ve got one of the emcess from that collective on his solo compilation. Rapsom went on to dig up songs he had recorded in the year 2009 which were basically unreleased and decided that you all needed to hear it – 18 tracks in all so this guy deserves nothing but enough respect as this shows his work ethic. One track is hard work, and then going on to over ten (to which there has definitely been some subtractions) before he arrived at 18. This is not a hype but the songs are good too. Homeboy stuck to the natural elements of hip hop (soul and jazz) and this is what he carved out for us. Rapsom has an ear for samples undoubtedly and you here this prevalently throughout the body of work. He can rhyme too so it a’int no mediocre package. I have my favourite of the compilation but I’ll let you pick yours.

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