Sivion and Illect Recordings announce the upcoming release Dark Side of the Cocoon.

Sivion’s Dark Side Of The Cocoon is a record about struggle, uncertainty, failure, pain, and redemption.  The overarching theme is “love” as seen through the lens of growth and patience developed from adversity and challenge.  Sivion delivers passionate words with soulful melodies to the organic, fluid, and emotionally-charged music compositions of German beat-smith, Sebastian Hochstein of the crew, Scribbling Idiots.  What results, is a heartfelt collection of works that display transparency at a level not previously seen by Sivion. The door is open, waiting for you to accept the invitation to come in.

“Though the butterfly lives a life of absolute freedom and beauty, the caterpillar enters the darkness of the cocoon faithfully holding onto the hope of attaining this same freedom.  And so, each of us must enter the darkness of our own cocoon…,” Sivion shares.

Dark Side Of The Cocoon Track list
1.  Darkness
2.  Burn
3.  Alone
4.  All In
5.  Pendulum
6.  Stand
7.  Relax
8.  Really His (feat. Krum)
9.  Darkness (Instrumental)
10.  Burn (Instrumental)
11.  Alone (Instrumental)
12.  All In (Instrumental)
13.  Pendulum (Instrumental)
14.  Stand (Instrumental)
15.  Relax (Instrumental)
16.  Really His (Instrumental)

Dark Side of the Cocoon releases October 6, 2017 via Illect Recordings.

Pre-order limited edition Vinyl or CD packages at Bandcamp to receive exclusive bonus tracks & remixes.

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