Sinoda gifts to us a new vibe taking shape in the form of ‘Late Night Adventures’ where he sings his indie pop inspired melody discussing his lighthearted desire to spend a summers night out with a young beautiful girl. When you hear him hit the high notes, you can hear the passion with which he brings the artistic expression to life on this song.

Deriving from the Greek god of beauty and desire, Sinoda is the stage name of Houston, Texas based artist Tryston Obevoen, choosing the name as a way of representing today’s society idolizing backward desires. Growing up in El Paso, Texas, Sinoda was fascinated by the R&B/Soul genre while also experimenting with minimal hip-hop. He learned to play piano and guitar from an early age, becoming self-taught in singing as well. Taking his talents to the recording studio in 2019, Sinoda is an up and coming artist bringing to the table a multi-genre sound while also staying grounded to his roots.

You can stream this sing on Soundcloud, Apple Music and Deezer.

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