Scottie Royal and PreciseMC are the talented duo that make up Sherknock Poems. The producer/rapper duo team up once again for the second edition of their “Sherknock Poems 2: Consoulting Detective” series where PreciseMC takes the case, deducing the secrets of succeeding in music and in life with honest, razor sharp rhymes while Scottie provides soulful backdrops to accompany them. We can only expect smooth, jazzy vibes with some twist and turns throughout, including some instrumental tracks.


Scottie Royal has produced for many acts including Skyblew, Actual Proof, and MegaRan, crafting soulful and jazzy backdrops perfect for any emcee. Originally a fully sample based producer, over the years Scottie began to blend samples and original instrumentation to take his beats to new heights.

PreciseMC has dropped multiple projects, including a few with his group Ill Effect, where he originally worked with Scottie Royal.

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