Filipino Cuban American artist She-Rōze returns with the visuals for her song “Stand By Me” which aims to strengthen the voice of the voiceless. Bolstered by a solemn and soulful soundscape, She-Rōze delivers uplifting and motivation-filled lyrical content that listeners can appreciate and tackles delicate topics such as depression, suicide, rape, and abuse. As the title suggests, she aims to give comfort and support to women who have gone through hardships and implores survivors that they are way stronger than their trauma. She adds that “I wrote this song for all the women who are fighting this same battle every day. So they know they’re not alone. We got to be strong for each other and know we can get through it one day at a time.”

“Stand By Me” is taken from her album which is co-produced by her husband and award-winning Indigenous Hip Hop artist, Artson, along with their long-time collaborators, Bboy Wicket and Huca Bera.


The music video is produced and directors by Odin Rock of Odin’s Eye Creations and makes use of performance shots and dreamy visual aesthetics.

Proceeds from the album go to the Shero Collective, a women-led nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting cultural advocacy, economic empowerment, and creating partnerships that help to uplift the Hip Hop & BIPOC community.

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