Birmingham, Alabama duo Shaheed and DJ Supreme have emerged from the studio again on the heals their powerful single “Appreciate Life” feat. Chali2na from Jurassic 5. Recorded this week in the home studio of DJ Supreme, Mixed by Darrell Thorp (OutKast, Radiohead) and Mastered by Paul Logus (Public Enemy), ‘1 time 2 Many’ is the music they have just put out . This is one song that needs no hype due to very direct approach with which the rappers speak on their subject matter. As far as the these guys are concerned, police brutality in their world needs to be seriously addressed and that is exactly what Shaheed and DJ Supreme do. What makes this song special is its simplicity and the actual condiment that makes the songs really shine. It is not a lyrical material but also not a cheesy or club cut. It appeals to the conscious and can easily be chanted like an anthem. This is the type of song you will give more than just a few spins.

You can also stream the song on Spotify and hear more on their Soundcloud. The duo are also on Facebook but you can hit direct at Shaheed on Twitter and Instagram.

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