The 21st release of Texas composer “Shag”… Yes he’s been puttin’ in work for a couple of years now, and hasn’t stop creating music ahead of it’s time.. I’ve been listening to the craft for a couple years now and it has matured into well balanced type of vibe on the new installment of heaters.. “Me Again” clearly states that he never left and that he’s just begun.. It’s recommended you listen to past material if you haven’t yet.. but all in all, slap this till earth’s end… gheaaaa!

What number am I at now? I have a lot of beat tapes.
This one involved a lot of experimenting. I hope you can enjoy the diverse palette of sounds but can still hear my signature style.

Thanks to all of my fans, friends, and followers. I appreciate all of your support. You’re really what keeps me doing this.

Thanks to Co$$ for getting on this beat for me. Ya’ll make sure to check out his coming albums, I’ve got some production here and there.-VIA BANDCAMP

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