Sean Fiji is back in the field with some tracks for us to feel as he drops his new 5 track EP. The first of these joints is titled “All You” which also features Sinna on the second verse. Over a vocal sample and head-nodding drum pattern, Sean Fiji shares some insight into his upbringing and his growth as a young black man in Edmonton. Sinna also compliments the track with his own unique take on the matter.


The second track titled “No Love” has more of a solemn feel with its melancholic textures and strings that are somewhat reflective as well. Sean Fiji is definitely at home here as he takes time to detail how emotionally detached one can be when the love is not forthcoming. Surrounded by unpredictable elements and outside pressures, Fiji looks at how to maneuver the mean streets.


The third track “Painless”  sees Fiji go within himself and explore the ups and downs of life over a soothing, atmospheric backdrop. He uses a more laid back delivery on this one and really displays his emotions for the listener to feel his pain.

All the tracks are off Fiji’s new EP Fiji Water Vol. 2.


1. All u
2. no love
3. Masi’s interlude
4. hope road
5 painless

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