90Sitcom is a 5 man hip-hop group made up of Angelo Santos Matus (emcee), Vaughn Malak Morris (emcee/singer), Marcos Martinez (producer), Diego Jaquez (promoter) and Jake Trayer(drummer/mix engineer). The group specializes in a lo-fi, introspective type of hip-hop that explores the varied dynamics of young men finding their way in this crazy world. Today, they share two cuts from their stash with us.  The first track titled “Close The Window” is a solemn, mellow cut that sees the rapper’s detail the challenges that are thrown at them from all angles. They both reflect on how to deal with the situation by metaphorically closing all the windows in order to stay focused on their goals. The pair do have an interesting way of delivering their lines in a somewhat smooth and calm demeanor.


The second track titled “Can We Build”, we get to see the emcee duo explore the ups and downs of being in a relationship. Far from being a sob song, the song deals with how emotions vary and change with every passing minute. Joining them on the cut is vocalist Jazlen Escobar who adds a nice angelic touch with her soothing vocals. The production here sure is pleasing and has an alluring, soulful vibe with lush keys, warm textures and a head-nodding drum pattern to match.


Get “Close The Window” on Spotify // Apple Music.

Get “Can We Build” on  Apple Music.


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