Ok, this is a lil project I’ve been working on the past month or so. It’s a mix of some of my favourite artists and tracks from the past few months and some older, kinda unique, tracks I been listening to for a while. It’s not all stuff that’s been previously featured on Word Is Bond, infact in this compilation there’s an unreleased track and a fresh exclusive. If you like it please don’t hesitate to drop a comment and spread the word! Really pleased with how this turned out so make sure you listen.

I’d like to say much appreciation and respect for the support that artists have given for this project, who of course provide so much pleasure in our lives through their music. More specifically thanks to: Kyza, Mikill Pane, HashFinger, One Be Lo, Evan Awake, Tinavie, Tall Black Guy, Cloud., Art Of Verse, Senim Silla, The Boomjacks, DJ Alejan of Alps Cru, Retrospek, TreTracks, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop and Ackryte for permission to use their tracks; Mark Aubert, Scifi Stu and Häzel for letting me use tracks from upcoming releases; and last but certainly not least Melodious Mike & MOEDavey for the DOPE exclusive they made just for this compilation to whom I’m mad grateful. This is what music is about. (Thanks also to my good friend Matt who provided the artwork image.)

So, with great pleasure, let me present to you… ‘Are You Listening?’


All tracks were used with the permission of the relevant persons or came from free releases.
If an artist or anyone else has any concerns/issues/just wants to pass on a comment email me at [email protected]


  1. Melodious Mike & MOEDavey – Watchoo Listen To (EXCLUSIVE)
  2. Kyza – Love & Music feat. Ghosttown
  3. U-N-I – The Launch
  4. Mikill Pane – The Return Of Mister Pane
  5. One Be Lo – Doggy-Style-Biscuits feat. Piece
  6. Bilal – Free (Tall Black Guy Remix)
  7. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop – Stop, Drop, Roll
  8. TreTracks – Orange and Blue
  9. Alps Cru – The Concept
  10. Senim Silla – One For The Money feat. Naaman Norris
  11. The Boomjacks – Change
  12. Mark Aubert – Easy On Yourself
  13. Tinavie – Breath Out
  14. SiFunk & Garmunkle – The Look
  15. Cloud. – Ladies Break
  16. Ackryte – Trybe
  17. Häzel – Between Us feat. Drake & Slakah The Beatchild
  18. Wildflower x Urbs & Cutex – Good Girl Gone Bad (Evan Awake Mashup)
  19. Art Of Verse – Pondered Type Love
  20. Lupe Fiasco – Life, Death & Love From San Francisco
  21. Scifi Stu – One Dimensional feat. MindsOne & J.Sands (UNRELEASED)
  22. Redman – Can’t Wait (Wun Two Remix)
  23. HashFinger – A4.October.11
  24. Retrospek – Where Am I Going?
  25. Knxwledge. – TakeitBakMedli
  26. J-Live – Listenin’ feat. Kola Rock (TOKiMONSTA Remix)
  27. Black Moon – How Many MCs (SpCifyk Remix)

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