S.A.S a.k.a. Eurogang jump on this timeless beat credited to Camp Lo on the tracked titled ‘Coolie High’. The beat has classic written all over it and you can only imagine why these guys would choose such a beat. You can tell that these London boys are quite hip hop in their attitude and presentation but I must say that the freestyle is not so much of a freestyle but comes across as a remake material for an album. Mega and Mayhem were smooth on the track no doubt but I wish they had gone back and forth as hard hitting as the original Camp Lo version. Still, this makes for a good listen and the video is nice and neat too. This is about the video and pardon me for getting carried away with the music. Nice and neat describes the video for ‘Coolie High’ but the flaw would be that for a song that is about the honeys in the summertime, silhouettes and in house shots doesn’t do it enough justice.

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