Emerging alternative rapper/songwriter Saadiq makes his entry on TWIB with two songs from his stash. The tracks showcase his nonconformist and genre-bending approach with an emphasis on personal issues and relatable content.

“No Titles” is a pop-infused love ballad that sees Saadiq collaborating with Tony Miles. Over a bright guitar-driven backdrop provided by grayskies, the rapper muses over his emotions after a hard-hitting breakup. From trying to patch things up to the feelings of betrayal, Saadiq goes through these emotions and pours his frustrations on wax.

“Fallen Leaves” dwells on the concept of growth and change as he progresses from a kid to an adult. He makes use of the bouncy and somewhat somber soundscape provided by Wonderlust to share his thoughts with his unusual hushed flow and somewhat stream-of-consciousness writing.


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