Anaheim, California-based rapper/producer Gibson Gabriel “Gabe Griffin” Gerace makes his entry on our site with “Adventure” and “Nature Boy”, two songs that showcase his expressive songwriting and impassioned flow. He started making music just 6 months ago and what he has is a unique blend of relatable lyricism and genre-bending soundscapes.

The first song “Adventure” sounds exactly like the title and showcases Griffin’s uplifting songwriting, smooth flows over a pop-infused soundscape. Here, he talks about living out one’s dreams by going through the various obstacles life has put in place which are only there to propel you as you never know where you will end so just take that leap of faith.


The second track “Nature Boy” has a lofi and summer texture with its crisp synths, warm strings, and bouncy drum grooves. Griffin employs a carefree approach on this one and introduces listeners to his world where anything could happen. It’s a perfect introductory song that also aims to uplift the spirit with it’s positive message.

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