Emerging rapper Casual Thomas shares two songs “They Tell Me God’s A Woman” and “Gardenia Rd” (feat. 91′ Thompson)

The first cut “They Tell Me God’s A Woman” is a thought-provoking conceptual track that explores divinity, femininity, and love in a unique manner. Backed by a somber and moody backdrop, Casual delivers a heartfelt and emotional performance ripe with candid and reflective lyrics on the theme. The verses see him conversing with his woman while he talks to God in the hook section. Overall, he is caught at a crossroads, feeling undecided about where to go until the final reveal where things get pretty hectic. Hit the play button to get the final gist of it.

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“Gardenia Rd” is an ode to Causal’s old stomping grounds and features fellow artist and Texan 91′ Thompson. The track sees both artists representing their hometown as they embody the energy with intensity and fiery flows over the punchy guitar-driven backdrop. Casual gets busy with the verse with his smooth flow while 91′ Thompson’s melodic flow adds a different touch to the track.

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