RXTheRapper shares some gems from his recent stash, from solo cuts to features with King Crooked and others. Let’s dive into it right away.

“Down The Freeway” is a herb-inspired Westcoast-type summer jam that sees RX teaming up with Jd Feighner and Glace Conway. From the smooth G-funk infused backdrop to the dope verses from the RX and Glace Conway, the track serves as that soothing head-nodding fit for your drive playlist. Love how RX and Conway both pay homage to Snoop Dogg and Warren G in their verses with a little interpolation of “Gin & Juice” and “Ain’t no fun” respectively. Also, inline we got vocalist Jd Feighner who ties it up with a solid catchy chorus.

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“RIGHT NOW” is a self-uplifting track that sees RX teaming with Kxng Crooked , Dice of Horseshoe Gang, and 80empire. The track has a cinematic and urgent feel which fits the subject matter of going for one’s goals regardless of the hurdles ahead. The track also gets a switch up when Crooked’s verse comes in and it is absolutely wonderful.

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“One time” has. dark trap vibe and is a departure from the previous tracks here. RX sure displays how versatile his flow is as he approaches the track with his impassioned flow as he displays his go-getter mindstate for those who may have gotten him misconstrued.


The final release from RX is the visual of “Fake Love,” a mellow reflective song that tackles the subject at hand in his own unique manner. Over a smooth, soulful production, RX shares his experiences watching people try to jump on the bandwagon when they see that the going is good but deep down he knows they won’t pay him any mind when things are rough. He delivers the chorus too with smooth melodic runs and on the verses, he takes us deep into the situation and lets the listenr know that he has moved on from dealing with fake individuals who pretend. Inspired by his tenure with  Universal/ Rick Ross Music Group at the ripe age of 20, RX has seen it all and has learned his lessons.

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