UK emcee Carasel is currently preparing to drop his sophomore project but in the interim, he shares with us the visuals for the heartfelt single “Where Are U Goin’?.” Backed by the smooth jazz/soul soundscape provided by Drum and Bass royalty Break, Carasel finds the perfect canvass to paint pictures of the daily activities of people from different backgrounds. Each one slowly trudging through this cesspool of life with or without purpose while Carasel ponders on what their true purpose is. Far from looking down at people, it’s more of an open-ended question on the why’s and if’s of life. Carasel sure knows how to pose these questions that make listeners think and reflect for a minute and at the same time, ease their minds with the beautiful soundscape and motivational lyrics.

Oliver Whitehouse is the man behind the lens for this one and he brings a nostalgic and 90s style aesthetic to the screens. Making use of performance shots, slow cut scenes of Carasel as he traverses the city via the train, his car, and on foot.

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