A man once said “Live your truth, ‘cos your truth can be used against you” so I might as well own up to the fact that I was a huge Ma$e fan back in the Bad Boy era and regardless of what we may think of him now, he definitely had a huge impact on the game- end of story. On that note, I was a bit intrigued when I came across this song ‘Ghost Of Betha‘ by fellow Harlemite Rugz D Bewler. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, was he going the tribute route or just for the sake of being from the same home town? To be frank, Rugz did a little of both on this cut.

On ‘Ghost of Betha’, Rugz takes a lyrical stance as the new guy on the block and while the title is obviously showing respect to his predecessor, he does it without going overboard and the only mention of Ma$e is the following line.

 “…I’m overcharging hip-hop just for what they did to Betha

I recommend you check out Rugz previous work here  and remember he was also on Ski Beatz 24 hour Karate School.

Get with the program.

” Now that Summer is here, Rugz D. Bewler begins the season with new music by channeling the spirit of one of Harlem’s most beloved, charismatic, and successful rappers⎯Mason “Ma$e” Betha⎯with the release of his new single, “Ghost of Betha” (produced by Sal Dali), off his upcoming as yet untitled project. “

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