Dope collaboration between some heavy hitters out in the dessert over here in AZ, What we got on table right now is a heat rock entitled “Royale w Cheese”… Beat laced by “Arza” and the verbal march is stomped down with Writer’s Guild Affiliate “RoQ’y TyRaiD”.. It’s a delicious track, yall should try some of this “Royale w Cheese”… Ghea continue to read on for more info..

First single off of “The Dichotomy of RoQ’y TyRaiD”
The song.. and the album deals with duality. I guess this is how I was feeling at the time, a bit confrontational.. bring in the theatrics.. while there was a bit of frustration, the song was pretty fun Dope hook huh??
You don’t just have to come out and “SAY” fk you.. it’s all on the delivery.
lyrics Listen to the song.. once I feel you have.. THEN I’ll write the lyrics lol.
-VIA Bandcamp

WIB2.0 Extra Slap with that?

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