Philly based Hip Hop recording artist, Ron A.P. shares some joints with us to start off the week. First off is the upbeat cut titled “Circles” where he takes time to address some things that got him twisted. Here he steps out of his comfort zone to dwell on love and how it seems he hasn’t been able to find the right one. It’s a very personal track too as Ron acknowledges his faults and how it has kept him in a circle of pity.

This is a song where I step out of the bounds and gave all my emotions about what I really feel about love. It seems like I could find the right one, but end up still chasing the wrong ones. Then I always find myself blaming the woman, but knowing it’s me that keeps myself in the circle of pity.


The next joint is titled “Philly Jawn,” where Ron pays homage to the love he felt in the city of Brotherly love. Over the lush and smooth backdrop, he shares his experiences and love for Philly ladies and how he hasn’t found anyone similar to these ladies.


“Tax Bracket” focuses on the idea of gaining financial freedom allowing him to transcend beyond the current status he is in at the moment. The track has an upbeat and energetic vibe showcasing Ron’s vibrant flow and penchant for integrating relatable subject matter into his music.


Get “Circles” on Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer.

Get “Philly Jawn” on Apple Music, and Deezer.

Get “Tax Brackets” on Apple Music, and Deezer.

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