Hip-hop veteran Afu-Ra teams up with Mann (from “Buzzin” fame) link up for a solid collaborative track titled “Reign on Me.” Lyrically, the track plays like a giant middle-finger to the haters, doubters, politicians, and just about anyone getting in the way of either artist.

Their combined energy is showcased tot he fullest as they spit lyrical jabs at their opponents and enjoy a break from the hardships of modern life in the sunshine of L.A. and the nearby Mojave Desert. And then there’s the stylish direction from Castaka Pictures, whose cinematic touches take the whole experience to another level. The visuals are beautiful and were shot both in L.A. as well as the Mojave Desert. And the scenes where Afu is posted up next to the Dodge Challenger were shot at Bull Creek Spillway, known for the infamous 18-wheeler chase scene in Terminator 2.

“Reign On Me,” is taken from Afu’s much anticipated Urban Chemistry LP. Check it on all DSPs here.



01. Unstop (feat. Starrlight)

02. Kiss the Pain (feat. Myriam Sow)

03. Urban Chemistry (feat. Keny Arkana & Big Shug)

04. Reign On Me (feat. Mann)

05. Veni Vedi Vici (feat. Gavlyn)

06. War Chemicals (feat. Stranjah Miller)

07. Body’s Jumping (feat. Celia Kameni)

08. Take Me Along (feat. Taïro)

09. Therapy (feat. LMK)

10. Be Strong (feat. Dave Dario)

11. Lyrics Fly (feat. Lord Kossity)

12. Molecular (feat. Jah Mason & Rocca)

13. Lion Science (feat. Sr Wilson)

14. Money Change (feat. Skarra Mucci)

15. Firetricity (feat. Sizzla)

16. Rise Up (feat. Lyricson)

17. Me & My Sensi (feat. Charly B)

18. I Try (feat. Q)



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