Two tribute shows in two weeks. Damn, this is crazy!

Rest in Peace, Black Rob. Your music spoke to a lot of people and you will truly be missed.

I thought he was making a bit of a comeback. He appeared recently on projects by Diamond D and Cormega. You will hear those tonight, along with a few of his classics.

After the tribute set, I had the chance to interview author and hip-hop historian, Jeff Chang. He just released an updated version of his classic “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” that every hip-hop fan should read.

Plus, I keep it moving with some great hip-hop. And we even hear DMX and Black Rob on a track together tonight. They will both be missed.


Chase March & Zeen Sloshy – Word is Bond Theme
Black Rob – Woah!
Cormega ft Black Rob – Home
Diddy ft Black Rob – Bad Boy for Life
Black Rob ft The Lox – Can I Live
Mase ft The Lox, Black Rob, & DMX – 24 Hrs to Live
Notorious B.I.G. ft Black Rob, Ice Cube – If I Should Die Before I Wake
Diamond D ft Black Rob – Take ‘Em Off Da Map
Black Rob ft Diddy, Mark Curry, G-Dep, Mase – Down the Line Joint
Nas – Hip Hop is Dead
Lyrics Born – Anti
Checkmate & DJ Kemo ft Snak the Ripper & Concise – Game Policy
DNTE ft Wyse Wonda – Ice Wash Goose
Fire Team Alpha – The Magicians
Skypp ft Jaecyn Bayne – Eerie Dreams
Montener the Menace ft Guilty Simpson, Micall Parknsun & El Da Sensei – The Struggle
Breeze Brewin – Taking Notes
Rel McCoy & Peace 586 – Smoke & Mirrors
Awon & Phoniks ft Tiff the Gift – Can’t Fool Me
UFO Fev & Big Ghost ft Zandra Kaye – Broken Promises
7 Oddz & DJ-M1 ft DreamTek & Tony Patagonia – Fair Warning
M-Dot – No Excuses
The Dream Sequence – Good N Fine
Jack Harlow – Tyler Herro
Freshco & Miz – We Don’t Play
Public Enemy – Can’t Do Nuttin For Ya Man
Blackalicious – Make You Feel That Way
Sneakzillah – That Whole Thing
Homeboy Sandman – None
No Face, Rapper – Pieces
E-Fluent – Envision

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This episode will air on Thursday April 15, 2021 on 94.9 fm Radio Western.

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