I remember rhymes like ‘technique speak/ I’m rather unique‘ as spectacular lines from AZ. Why did i quote this? In reading the info Reyshizz wrote about this song, it brought me to those words and I can understand where this newbie is coming from. As far as he is concerned, Reyshizz’s a New York cat and he isn’t trying to fit in to the already saturated rap system and style that has intoxicated all and become the rave of the moment. He has decided to walk a different path and this is why he has chosen a select fan base to feed his music too. Accompanied by the creative hands of Teck-Zilla the producer who mined this beat, Reyshizz speaks of a rapper with nothing to lose hence focus on being creative and do things different rather than do the band wagon thing. This is the part where you be the judge and let Reyshizz know if he has struck the mark.

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