What do you have, when you put 30 up & coming artists in a space of three days using 12hours of each day? It is The Hangout: A3C Edition mixtape. This is what happened when Revolt TV and the ATL based production crew SMKA joined forces to hire the Stankonia Studios and put upcoming rappers present at the A3C festival to the test. So, for 12 hours a day, during the festivals, between Thursday 3rd October to Saturday 5th October,  rappers took their turns to spit flames over beats in the studio. I guess it was an experiment to put them in that festive mood and get them to channel that energy into lyrics.

This is meant to be a spin off of the Stankonia Sessions mixtape. This track is a result of one of those sessions and you can really feel the south influence on the track. It is the first single off the mixtape and no lie, I like the mellow groove and particularly the bass line. The head nod is spectacular as if you want to do it in slow motion. The three gentlemen are evidently too familiar to beats like this one so you can tell they are in familiar territory. I wonder what the whole tape would sound like taking a cue from this one. This one is for you guys to sample and critique.

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